Will AI Take Over Your Broadcast Operations?


BroadView Software CEO Michael Atkin will be presenting a keynote on the implications of AI integration in broadcast operations at the 2022 Western Association of Broadcasters (WAB) Annual Conference in Banff, AB on June 9th, 2022.

Toronto, ON – June 2, 2022 – BroadView Software, the industry-leading broadcast software tech firm focused on media management solutions is proud to announce that co-founder and CEO, Michael Atkin, will be presenting a keynote at this year’s WAB conference. The annual conference attracts Canada’s leading radio and television broadcasters, and specialty channels.

The topic of BroadView’s featured presentation will be focused on AI and its impact on Broadcast Operations. While Atkin acknowledges there is a lot of fear and misunderstanding of AI and its implications, he also believes that the ever-improving technology stack will mean increasing use of rules-based decision-making systems, and eventually impact diverse areas from music and promo scheduling to programmatic selling. The key to integrating it properly will be understanding what AI actually is, and what he calls “the good, the bad, and the opportunity”.

Atkin posits that AI will bring big changes to Canadian Broadcasters’ operations that will increase efficiency and productivity if those using it understand its inherent applications, limitations, biases and utility. And, he will address the fundamental question often asked when discussing this topic internally: Is AI taking jobs away or will it increase productivity?

The three main points he will expand on, and the implications these have on day-to-day use, are:

  • 1. Data sets and three very public failures of the current ‘rule-based engine’ driving AI development;
  • 2. The deep learning biases inherently built into those data sets by their human programmers;
  • 3. Understanding the value and limitations of the system and how to identify good data sets.

Atkin is optimistic for the future of AI but suggests, “We still have a lot of work to do to connect disparate parts of the food chain for better integrations with our partners, suppliers and advertisers. By sharing intelligence, we will generate better data sets, increase efficiencies and deep learning, and will ultimately lead to a fully integrated tech stack and rich data, supporting improved decision making.”

Atkin’s keynote will take place on Thursday, June 9th at 2:35pm MT at the Western Association of Broadcasters Conference, in Banff, Alberta. To speak to or learn more about Atkin’s predictions for AI in broadcast operations in general or specifically how it could improve your programming, scheduling and sales, please contact:

Rania Walker