Uniquely Canadian – BroadView Sales


Uniquely Canadian: Blue Ant Media First of Several Canadian Broadcasters to Onboard BroadView Software’s new Sales System.  Developed by Canadians for our unique broadcast landscape, BroadView Sales is an intelligent solution designed for Canadian broadcasters’ sales and reporting needs

Toronto, ON – February, 2022 – BroadView Software, the industry-leading broadcast software tech firm focused on media management solutions is proud to announce that Blue Ant Media has adopted the full BroadView Suite of software tools, becoming the first Canadian broadcaster to implement BroadView Sales, a full featured sales tool, developed for Canadian Broadcasters, specifically for the Canadian market. 

BroadView Sales is a first-in-class, web-based tool that addresses broadcasters’ growing need for a simplified, efficient and intelligent sales management toolset that supports the regulatory framework set out by the CRTC for Canadian broadcasters. Its web-based software allows for a work from anywhere approach, whether entering or editing a proposal at a local coffee shop, or posting, publishing and working on the order back at the office.

Combined with BroadView Traffic, BroadView Sales offers the advantage of a unified view of avails, proposals, ad contracts and spots, without the confusion and errors that come from entering data into two different systems. From pitch to post, BroadView Sales is a fully-comprehensive proposal and order management system.

Born of a collaboration between its Product Design team and clients, BroadView invested heavily in the creation of this out-of-the-box system. “Canadian broadcasters can have confidence in a Canadian product created by a Canadian company who understands their unique regulatory needs and Numeris data; its integrated and intelligent data sets anticipate the workflow solutions broadcasters didn’t know a system could be capable of.” states Michael Atkin, President & CEO BroadView Software, “I’m proud of our staff who, working closely with our clients, assessed their productivity gaps and logistical needs, and collaborated to create BroadView Sales.”

What really makes BroadView Sales an outstanding solution is the two-way integration that creates an unprecedented workflow while building intelligence between sales and traffic. 

“The BroadView Sales posting tools have been a great time saver for us. The features are better than we had anticipated and have reduced the time it takes our coordinators to complete posts immensely.” Says Jim Poulakos, Director, Revenue Solutions and Broadcast Sales, Blue Ant Media. “We appreciate BroadView’s development team for listening to our needs and delivering a great time-saving solution that is an important step in our after-sales process.”

 BroadView Sales Features include:

  •       A single product without the need to interface between two different systems. 
  •       One learning curve, providing redundancy between departments
  •       No duplicate entry. Data is entered once from any source and instantly available for all to view and use.
  •       Singular agency codes, sales codes, advertisers
  •       An offering of almost 40 ratings metrics
  •       Creation of multi-station buys and booking of proposals with asymmetrical, non-traditional start day of week
  •       Workflow between Sales and Traffic that is fully-integrated 
  •       Rating Book / Rate Card has support for unlimited Rate Cards
  •       Tools to facilitate pre-compensation buys
  •       Booking of complex order needs including top/bottom, don’t place in, break isolations and more
  •       Comprehensive reporting and forecasting 
  •       Support for Proposal XMLs, eAvails and eContracts
  •       Support for Numeris Data
  •       Live Avails and live view of inventory
  •       Order Change Management

Blue Ant is the first of several clients who have acquired BroadView Sales.  For more information about BroadView Sales, please visit our website: https://broadviewsoftware.com/products