Real-Time Traffic System Integration with Mediaocean’s DealMaker Ad Sales System


Summary: BroadView Software fully-integratable traffic management platform offers streamlined workflow solutions from ad sales to traffic to billing, offering a seamless integration between BroadView’s Traffic and Billing System and the DealMaker Ad Sales System from Mediaocean. 

The successful integration between BroadView Software and Mediaocean has been a boon for broadcasters who have been using it to manage deals and deal change with BroadView for months, as part of their collaborative launch.

“DealMaker is the most robust advertising sales solution for managing the TV inventory for broadcast networks, cable networks, MVPDs and program syndicators,” said Michael Atkin, President and CEO of BroadView. “Our integration of DealMaker Ad Sales and BroadView Traffic allows data to flow freely between systems and provide real-time inventory that ensures the maximum revenue on spots sold.”

The BroadView-Dealmaker workflow improves the advertising operations of broadcasters through a more seamless approach and creates efficiencies in the buying and selling process. It gives the advertising sales team full visibility into available inventory via access to real-time data.

The integration also allows for selling and trafficking of secondary events as well as campaign stewardship, sales contract and invoice EDI. Common data can be entered once into the system and then shared throughout the operation in a seamless manner. The integration enhances revenue reporting and business intelligence.