BroadView Sales provides a comprehensive Proposal and Order management solution for your Sales team.

  • Tools to build and manage airtime advertising campaigns, from pitch to post

  • Web-based technology that allows for work-from-anywhere

  • Single access point for Proposal and Order management

  • In conjunction with BroadView Traffic, gain a unified, integrated workflow between Avails, Proposals and Ad Contracts

  • Reduce duplication between Sales and Traffic

“Your posting tools have been a great time saver for us, and your new Log-Fill bonus feature that you’re adding is going to save even more time when completing posts. These features are better than we had anticipated and have reduced the time it takes our coordinators to complete posts immensely.”  Jim Poulakos, Blue Ant Media

Need to know more?  Here are some key features of BroadView Sales.

  • Create multi-station buys
  • Book proposals with asymmetrical, non-traditional start day of week
  • Build Selling Packages that include original and repeat airings or combinations of programs
  • Customize naming and details for Selling Titles
  • Proposals XML, eAvails and eContracts are supported
  • User imported audience data can be prorated to create Market ratings estimates
  • Combine Selling Titles and sell as Selling Packages
  • Each Selling Title can hold estimates for any given Rate Card or Selling Season
  • Support for multiple Rate Cards
  • Supports Numeris Data
  • One-click Advertising Posting Summary reports
  • Posting data is derived directly from Ad Contracts to Orders for accurate posts
  • Add zero-dollar spots to Proposals without impacting paid efficiency levels
  • Capture log fill bonus spots during post analysis to boost audience delivery
  • Support of ePosts
  • Book Proposals directly to BroadView Traffic and immediately access Contracts
  • Changes made in BroadView Traffic automatically update the Sales Order
  • A unified integration ensures accurate, real-time Order data at all times
  • Reduce data error and duplication with a single point of entry
  • Available with systems utilizing BroadView Traffic
  • Provide Sales with a live look at the inventory picture to help build Proposals
  • Auto-calculate inventory based on business-driven properties
  • Order Change Management to allow your Sales team more ownership of their clients’ ad campaigns
  • Dashboards to provide high level graphical views of sales activity
  • Integration with Canadian programmatic platforms
  • Digital and other non-airtime support

“Thank you for listening to our needs and delivering a great time-saving solution to an important step in our after sales process.”

Jim Poulakos

Director, Revenue Solutions and Broadcast Sales, Blue Ant Media