BroadView’s single-asset approach provides powerful metadata for all your scheduling needs

At the core of BroadView is a centralized asset library that houses all metadata and tracking needs. Within this library, a single asset can provide the required information for linear schedules, EPG, OnDemand, media operations, traffic, and sales. The asset library is completely extensible and can support the addition of any number of user or system-defined fields. All fields can be controlled via security and are searchable, filterable, editable, reportable, and exportable. Like every other field in BroadView, asset fields can be used by all other modules, from linear scheduling to OnDemand and all media operations.


Rights Management

BroadView provides strong rights management tools to ensure that your content obligations are being met. These help manage, validate and enforce rights across your linear channels from individual station rights to sharing station rights or complex multi-network, country, and territory rights. In the world of On-Demand and cross-platform content, Platform Rights provide the tools to track and record OnDemand commitments on a platform-by-platform basis as well as providing validation and feedback. BroadView allows for all-encompassing OnDemand schedules to be individually managed and controlled against the breadth of platforms they distribute to.

Linear Scheduling

BroadView can create schedules for a single station to a network of any number of channels, regions and time zones where schedules flow seamlessly from one to another. It can manage unlimited planning channels and alternate channels for sporting and live event contingencies. Extensive validation tools and email notifications advise users of changes and issues before the schedule gets to downstream departments. Version control, live, record and “joined in progress” flags ensure that the correct version is running on the right network or platform. Learn more about OnDemand.


EPG / Listing Management

BroadView has collaborated with Gracenote to provide an API-based transfer of your program metadata and schedules to their listings services. Integration is also available for TiVo, FYI, EBS and other listing services. BroadView supports the  industry standard EIDR identification. We also facilitate database access to pull your own information to support all your website and data needs.

Data Analytics

BroadView’s analysis tools, with powerful cross-filtering functionality, summarize your OnDemand schedule information and answer common questions at a glance. It will help you under- stand the complex relationships between your linear schedules, OnDemand Schedules, Offers, and Platforms It is always up to date, makes it easy to collaborate, and lets you zoom in when you need a closer look. It is available from within the BroadView application or any web browser.


Create and manage your Deals in our Programming module, where program costing and amortization are tracked. Create Series, and Program Items and schedule them out with as little or as much information as you have. Add formats and rotations for your sales team to begin selling the inventory. Update program and episodic descriptions to output to listing clients, or export directly to your website. Changes in the schedule are live and update the log, so Traffic users are able manage the spots on the fly; there is no delay for traffic users to take action on spots booked into old rotations. Automatically generate new grids for both internal and external distribution with new program or episodic updates.


BroadView keeps up-to-date with changing CRTC regulations for both conventional and specialty to ensure that broadcaster’s submitted reports match the current CRTC codes.