BroadView OnDemand is a fully-integrated next-generation solution resulting from over a decade of experience. We provide broadcasters, cable networks, and others a practical approach to managing large volumes of content on increasingly fragmented platforms, including OTT.

“Viewers are engaging with our programming across numerous platforms and on screens of all sizes, and technology is integral to effectively and efficiently manage our content. We are excited to continue working with BroadView for strategic solutions that span our linear and growing non-linear offerings in the United States.“

— Barry Dubin, Former VP – Content & Media Systems, Discovery Communications

BroadView manages your OnDemand Ecosystem

OnDemand Scheduling

From Broadcast

Easy Catch-up VOD and Preview scheduling for OnDemand based on your broadcast schedule. Simplifying and reducing daily scheduling workloads.

From Library

Powerful library-scheduling tools that support stair step, grouped patterns and stacking/banking patterns.

Supports C3

C3 Support, manage C3 and D4 Packages from a single OnDemand


Schedule programs once and use the power and flexibility of Offers to distribute a mix of content to your partners OTT, TVE (TV Everywhere), VOD, SVOD, AVOD, EST, IPTV and web and mobile enabled platforms.


Stitched Video

Rich packaging tools allowing for complete control of pre, mid, and post-roll video using branding, promotional and advertising material (static or dynamic).

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Place DAI markers to instruct Transcoding systems.


Schedule repackaging of your content with different pre-roll or post-roll after x days.

Approval Workflow

Optionally review and approve packages before they are sent to a transcoding system for processing.



Entirely configurable metadata and schedule validations ensure that metadata is present and correct for each Partner / MSO and that schedules follow all established rules.

Navigation Trees

Total flexibility around tree, folder and navigational experiences.


Completely configurable Template-based XML generation.

Transcode & Transfer Profiles

Configure Transcode, QC and delivery profiles for video, audio and still imaging for each distribution partner.



Rich, multi-lingual, multi-byte character support

Extended Data

Provides the ability to configure any number of additional fields to capture additional metadata and enforce date-entry rules.

OnDemand Integrations

“While others scramble to bring 1.0 of their multi-platform solution to market,  BroadView’s OnDemand is field-tested and operational.  Our widely adopted first-generation VOD tools were created in 2006.  BroadView OnDemand 2.0 was designed from the ground up to address the vast array of new and emerging multiple platforms.”

— Michael Atkin, BroadView Founding Partner and President