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BroadView is fully integrated, with all modules supported by a common database. This allows users from anywhere in the operation to access, work and update in real-time.

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Create efficiencies for your Sales group with BroadView Sales. Fully integrated with BroadView Traffic, workflow between the two departments is streamlined and designed to maximize revenue. Create multi-station buys, view availability and book directly to your commercial traffic team.

Whether integrated to BroadView Sales or as a stand-alone module, BroadView Traffic can help you manage the everyday challenges of an ever-changing landscape. Ad Contract functionality is robust and manages multiple types of revenue streams to consolidate your business under a single umbrella.

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Beginning with your program acquisitions, BroadView Programming is one of the first modules in our fully end-to end solution. From managing all aspects of the acquisition, to intuitive tools that simplify complex scheduling operations, to version and media management, our scheduling tools help make your work easier.

As broadcasting evolves, you need tools to leverage your non-linear revenue streams. BroadView OnDemand helps you offer content over multiple platforms. Fully integrated with BroadView Programming, you can build non-linear schedules automatically. Used as a stand-alone module, you can create schedules with content that can easily be delivered to your many partners.

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A Simplified Workflow

BroadView offers a wide variety of modules designed to fit your business needs. Anchored to a common database, modules interact seamlessly with a consistent look and feel. Data management is simplified as BroadView is truly integrated at every level.

With integrations to a host of related solutions and devices, BroadView ensures your assets flow seamlessly into and back out of our system.

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A Fully-Managed Solution

  • Your IT department can focus on other critical resources while BroadView manages health monitoring, application maintenance, database maintenance, product updates and upgrades.
  • BroadView’s auto-maintaining client installations are fully compatible with Microsoft’s desktop security model, require no day-to-day maintenance and auto-update without IT intervention. The combination of a managed server with auto maintaining desktop clients provide long-term savings.
  • BroadView offers a choice of a cloud-based SaaS deployment using Amazon AWS or a traditional client-server implementation.
  • Unique integrations with technical operations let you seamlessly handle automation issues such as controlling logos, VChip encoders and character generators. Filer and ingestion system interfaces for automatic cue sheet timing updates and As Run processing save time.
  • Any user, from anywhere, can access BroadView, with any operating system, using secure Internet links or corporate LAN or WAN connections.

Client Success Stories

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Will AI Take Over Your Broadcast Operations?

BroadView Software CEO Michael Atkin will be presenting a keynote on the implications of AI integration in broadcast operations at the 2022 Western Association of Broadcasters (WAB) Annual Conference in Banff, AB on June 9th, 2022. Toronto, ON – June 2, 2022 - BroadView Software, the...

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Uniquely Canadian – BroadView Sales

Uniquely Canadian – BroadView Sales

Uniquely Canadian: Blue Ant Media First of Several Canadian Broadcasters to Onboard BroadView Software's new Sales System.  Developed by Canadians for our unique broadcast landscape, BroadView Sales is an intelligent solution designed for Canadian broadcasters’ sales and reporting needs Toronto,...

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