Investing in Excellence


Summary: On Demand, OTT, AI, Voice, the Cloud – as these technologies innovate and reform the broadcast operations and content management landscape, Michael Atkin, CEO of BroadView Software, proves that taking the long-view and investing in signature products that are agile, integrative and anticipatory from the beginning, is good for business!

While many companies are opting to shelve their legacy products in favor of new programs and software, BroadView Software has proven that taking the long-term approach, and investing in the continuing development of products that are integrative, agile and anticipatory, pays dividends in client retention, and satisfaction, globally.

A global leader in Broadcast Management System Software, BroadView Software Inc., has proudly added new international broadcasters to its family of clients over the past year, including several new Asian and EMEA services, including Smithsonian Asia, MTV Beats UK,

Love Nature Latin America and Makeful Asia, and has increased their roster of channels supported in India significantly.

Asked why he thinks international broadcasters keep turning to BroadView Software for their content management needs, Michael Atkin, President and CEO says “The strength of BroadView is two-fold.  First, its suite of tools for managing Programming, Scheduling and On-Demand services is unparalleled.  Second, BroadView provides an end-to-end solution for broadcasters who need functionality beyond Programming.”

“BroadView has always focused on a client base beyond Canada: our functionality operates with any language and currency, and our partnerships with U-TO and BroadView Russia allow us to support clients of any size, worldwide,” he continues.

Striving for innovation and excellence in media management, BroadView maintains year-over-year investment in continual product improvement. In a world where many software companies are abandoning their legacy products, BroadView remains dedicated to the technical evolution of its product, integrating Voice and AI technology into their suite of software solutions.

“I believe that pride in ownership is what sets us apart. As a privately-owned company, we’re not governed by short-term share prices or driven to make cuts or find efficiencies, we don’t have to answer to shareholders or focus on quarterly distributions to them.” Atkin explains, “We are free to make investment decisions that require a long view, that take risks, but that pay off for our clients. They are our shareholders.”