Fall Trade Shows: WILL THEY or WON’T THEY?


Summary: While planning has begun for IBC and NAB trade shows in the Fall of 2021, it remains to be seen if the shows take place.  Regardless, BroadView is planning and hoping for the best, and looking forward to connecting with you anytime and from anywhere.

UPDATE:  With NAB2021 cancelled and Covid restrictions conflicting with travel to IBC, we are sorry to be missing the shows this fall.  We look forward to a 2022 “do-over” and to seeing clients and industry partners then!

Will trade shows ever be the same?  The traditional experience of meeting in crowded booths, small conference rooms, and more personal chats over coffee seems like a thing of the past, at least for the foreseeable future.

As BroadView works with its exhibit partner to plan booth layouts for IBC and NAB, we are having a full-scale re-visioning of how layout and programming can best support the goals of us being at the show.

These are:

  1. Meeting potential clients interested in learning about BroadView’s Broadcast Management Software.
  2. Connecting with current clients, maintaining the relationships we’ve built with them over a coffee or beer at a local venue, discussing feature requests, and ensuring they are first in line for a sneak peek at upcoming releases.
  3. Gaining face-time with industry partners who are also attending the show.

One thing has become clear.  Just as online communication tools have changed the way the world works, so too can they enhance the way we meet and connect with clients and partners.  In the past, a trade show was THE opportunity to do this.  Now, we can visit with each other anytime and from anywhere.

New, expanded forms of communicating relieve the trade shows of needing to be all things to everyone in a compressed format.  As we envision what IBC’s and NAB’s goals will be this year (or next), we imagine the experience will be integrated into year-round programming.  We think about the value of meeting people in 3D after getting to know them in the 2D world of video meetings, online conferences and events .

With the ability to present, discuss and meet virtually throughout the year, we look forward to the days where we can solidify those relationships over an elbow-bump and masked-up eye-smile.

We hope to see you at IBC September 10-13, 2021, and NAB October 9-13, 2021.