Demand for OTT Tops


Summary: As thousands of broadcasters and broadcast technology companies packed up their stands and headed home from another successful IBC conference in Amsterdam, one trending topic emerged among attendees and vendors: On Demand. By far, it was the hottest topic in Broadcast operations and topped most participants’ queries.

OTT. VOD. OnDemand.

Whatever you call it, it’s a hot topic at trade shows, and likely to be for years to come with. At the last IBC conference, BroadView Software noted that conversations with show organizers and participants alike were overwhelmingly about On Demand.

“Whether in the booth, on the showroom floor or in line for a coffee, the conversation seemed to be focused on OTT and On Demand this year. Attendees were specifically looking for products that offered full integration between traffic and programming” observed BroadView Software CMO, Mia Andrews, “We saw an increased number of start-ups searching for solutions that would allow them to stream their content directly to consumers, wanting to completely bypass traditional broadcasting platforms”.

Michael Atkin, Founder and CEO of BroadView Software noted a substantial increase in traffic and interest at their stand this year, with more attendees seeking solutions for multi-platform management than in the past few years.

“There is a clearly shifting paradigm in broadcast management, and increased interest in having a scalable, fully-integrated solution to support one’s operations,”  Michael noted.

He attributes this emerging trend to the increasing realization that On Demand is not simply a separate component of a broadcasters’ operations, and that more and more, there is an alignment between linear and non-linear programming.

“For consumers, content is content regardless of where and when they view it” Michael explains, “BroadView has embraced this content-centric model to its core and allows broadcasters to manage and deliver to any number of linear and On Demand platforms with one set of integrated tools, and one base of metadata.”

BroadView Software’s showcase of their OnDemand 2.0 technology was well-received at this year’s IBC show.  The fully-integrated toolset is reputed as one of the industry’s most advanced solutions for program scheduling across multiple platforms.  Along with its award-winning customer service and training, BroadView maintains a commitment to continually updating and refreshing its functionality in response to changing client and marketplace needs.