BroadView Software Ready to Manage COVID-19


Summary: BroadView Software implements Remote Work Protocol to provide Uninterrupted Customer Support and Workflow during Covid-19 Pandemic launching their “We’re Ready” business continuity plan.

BroadView Software, the industry-leading tech firm focused on media management solutions, put out a statement to clients and international colleagues today to let them know that they are initiating their Remote Work Protocol to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the global workforce.

The protocol was developed following the SARS outbreak in 2003, which directly affected the Toronto, Ontario, headquarters of BroadView Software’s global operations. The protocol outlines a seamless workflow protocol for staff to work remotely in all areas of operations, and provides work-from-home policies incorporating security, communication and collaborative development.

Mia Andrews, Executive Director of BroadView Software, says that they will continue to support their clients through the rapidly developing COVID-19 crisis, which is affecting Asia, Europe and now, North America.

“As a global software technology company with clients from all regions of the world we knew that we had to have a policy in place that in an emergency, or emergent situation like we’re seeing with COVID-19, that would allow for a seamless transition from office to home.”

Continues…“With international staff we anticipated that there might be a time when political social, or health crises would require flexibility to avoid delays in workflow or execution, and avert any interruptions to our client’s timelines.”

Creating a proactive plan is a way that BroadView demonstrates its commitment to its employee and client well-being.  “Responsible corporate citizenship, doing our part to keep the economic engine moving, and relieving stress on our families is something we challenge all companies to adopt as foundational principles that can serve as touchstones in a crisis”, continues Mia Andrews.

BroadView Software provides a fully integrated solution that addresses the vast array of web and mobile-enabled platforms that are transforming television. Powerful log tools for Traffic staff, intuitive tools for linear and non-linear Schedulers and strong Revenue reporting capabilities allow clients to achieve maximum efficiencies in a dynamically changing business environment.