BroadView Software Proud to be accepted into DPP’s Sustainability Program


BroadView Software is proud to announce that it has been awarded the ‘Committed to Sustainability’ mark by the DPP, the Digital Production Partnership, following its recent submission.

The DPP summarizes its program as an industry-leading initiative “celebrating and promoting good practices in environmental sustainability across the media industry.”

Through numerous discussions with our industry colleagues, it became evident that the European broadcast community and on-demand platforms were spearheading a significant commitment to this initiative, actively encouraging their vendors to embrace best practices in sustainability. This aligned perfectly with the direction BroadView Software has already set in motion by adopting a strategic roadmap for environmental stewardship.

“Since our inclusion in the DPP earlier this year, we have made it a top priority to accelerate our long-term plan of adopting more sustainable work practices and solutions. This aligns perfectly with the BroadView Software ethos of environmental responsibility and leadership in the media industry, and our commitment to the European marketplace,” emphasized Michael Atkin, the company’s CEO.

With an international team of talent that spans the globe, BroadView was already moving to a hybrid work model, pre-pandemic, to allow its local workforce equitable opportunities to work remotely, while reducing energy consumption and office waste.

Some of the steps BroadView has taken to adhere to those standards are:

  • Developing and implementing a sustainability policy company-wide
  • Reducing travel to decrease our carbon footprint
  • Cutting back on office hours and introducing energy-saving practices to decrease energy consumption
  • Making a drastic reduction in office waste, minimizing our recyclables, and significantly decreasing our impact on local landfills
  • Ensuring our electronic equipment procurement program meets our sustainable practices program

This certification recognizes the hard work our leadership team has invested in our commitment to be environmental stewards and reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

We applaud the DPP and all our member-partners who have made the commitment to implement environmental safeguards, demonstrating the important role the broadcast and media tech industry can exemplify across all industries.