BroadView Sales: “The Tool We Wish We’d Had!”


“BroadView features are better than we had anticipated and have reduced the time it takes our coordinators to complete posts immensely.” says Jim Poulakos, Director, Revenue Solutions and Broadcast Sales, Blue Ant Media, “Thank you for listening to our needs and delivering a great time saving solution.”

Introducing BroadView Sales, our latest addition to the BroadView suite of end-to-end broadcast management software.  From pitch to post, BroadView Sales is the latest in comprehensive proposal and order management systems, made in Canada, for Canadian Broadcasters. With easy-to-learn, work from anywhere, web-based technology, BroadView Sales provides your team advanced tools to complement sales and traffic functionality. Combined with our industry-leading signature tool, BroadView Traffic, both sales and traffic staff have the advantage of a unified view of avails, proposals, ad contracts and spots, without the confusion and errors that come from entering data into two different systems.  Born of a collaboration between our product management team, our development team, and our clients, we created this out-of-the-box system as an evolving tool to fill in the gaps and make life easier, and more efficient, for schedulers and salespeople alike.

Why We Love It BroadView Sales was a labour of love by our product management team, Karen Ekdahl and Andrew Hornby, who previously worked in broadcast sales. They worked with our development team to build a product that they “wish we had when we were in broadcast sales”.  Being involved in the development process meant that we turned their wish list into your feature set.  When asked what they like best about this new system, they shared: Karen:

  • “I love that BroadView Sales has an edit feature that allows users to create custom names and times for programs sold within a Rotation. In other, more restrictive systems, you can only add a line comment if you want to isolate, leaving clients confused about what show they bought when their contract says “Rotation”. BroadView Sales allows you to retitle the Rotation name, isolate days and times all while booking into and maintaining the original estimates for the Rotation. Client-facing documents are so much clearer; such a great tool for Sponsorships too!”
  • “One of my favourite features is the ‘Log Fill Bonus’ feature, allowing users to selectively capture log fill bonus from logs for post analysis. I remember this being a long and tedious process in my previous job!  


  • “I love the ability to build a multi-station proposal contained within a singular campaign! Previously, the system I worked with you could initially link the proposals for various stations to one campaign, but there wasn’t a way to view the overarching campaign and display to your client the efficiencies across the multiple properties they were buying in a single report.”
  • “Building Program Package buys that includes an original and multiple repeat airings eliminates needing to add these in manually like the system I used to use. Research would often place the ratings on the original airing, and Sales would need to remember to book the repeats separately. Additionally, the ability to just choose one package occasion for multiple selling titles allows users who build packages and sell to multiple clients, more flexibility and ease-of-use.”

Why You’re Going to Love It!

“BroadView will save hours of work and properly confirm log fill on posting reports for our clients, minimizing the need for Research team intervention during the process and displaying these items in a quick, on-demand fashion for the rep to review and include in their overall posting process.” Television Traffic Op

Having a unified system between BroadView Sales and BroadView Traffic makes sense:

  • A single product for your business.
  • No need to interface between two different systems.
  • No duplicate entry. Data is entered once from any source and instantly available for all to view and use.
  • Save time and reduce data error and confusion.
  • One system to learn provides up-front cost savings and ongoing redundancy between departments.
  • Workflow between sales and traffic teams is fully integrated in real time

Why BroadView Software One of our greatest strengths at BroadView Software is our award-winning customer service and support.  We ask. We listen. We respond.  BroadView continually evolves our software to bring our partners the latest and most innovative tools to help streamline, simplify, and optimize broadcast operations and sales functionality. “BroadView Sales has an array of features needed by Canadian broadcasters and I’m very proud of the team who built it.  Given how the pandemic has forever changed the way we work, one of the best things about BroadView Sales is that it’s fully web-based, allowing staff to work from anywhere.” Michael Atkin, President & CEO, BroadView Software. Learn more about how our out-of-the-box solution can help improve and simplify your sales functionality, on our BroadView Sales page.