BroadView Leading the Race to FAST Channels


FAST channels, otherwise known as Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television are revolutionizing the streaming industry, allowing content creators to take advantage of untapped monetization opportunities while promoting their branded content around the world.

So, what exactly are FAST channels?

FAST channels are niche television channels that tend to be very narrowly focused, such as a home and garden channel focused solely on renovating decks, a true crime channel focused on bank robberies, or what our team at BroadView would love to see, a Star Trek channel that only airs the original series.

While they can be very, very narrow, streamers have shown us that there are few limitations and many variations of a FAST channel.

Why would I want to start a FAST channel?

The key advantages are FAST channels allow broadcasters to leverage their existing inventory and to expand their brand name and presence on our screens for little cost (from a branding perspective), but a large potential upside from a monetization perspective if you’re running ads embedded in that content or simply striving to increase brand awareness.

While the ad revenue is relatively low across individual FAST channels, when you count the dozens if not hundreds of streamers these FAST channels can be offered to (e.g. Samsung TVs, Medical offices, internal corporate streamers, Roku, cable channels, etc), you are now creating completely new incremental revenue streams.

How can I create my own FAST channel?

At BroadView Software (BVS), we specialize in helping our clients maximize these channels by providing a seamless integration within their existing broadcast tech. Last year, BVS, along with our client partners, launched more than 100 FAST channels, providing a unique solution for content owners who need an efficient way of managing their media. Rather than having clients take on the burden themselves or rely solely on us as full-service providers, we offer them the option to integrate within their existing systems quickly and with minimal effort, adding significant value in the initial steps of the delivery chain.

Our managed solutions are what make BroadView stand out; our FAST channel schedules allow broadcasters to own their content while still creating sophisticated distribution capabilities that ensure content reaches its intended audience effectively.

What’s the BroadView Advantage?

Our solutions provide organizations with greater efficiency and cost savings without the need to outsource key aspects of their FAST channels. Our perspective provides a broad range of alternative solutions, allowing companies to optimize productivity while controlling expenses. We invite decision-makers everywhere to explore new routes for setting up successful FAST channels that meet their individual needs.

Every month we are launching three or four FAST Channels with our client partners. Our agility and unique scheduling tools let our users create highly efficient broadcast-like channels in record time. Plus, with dynamic ad-insertion markers enabled by content providers further downstream, the options are virtually limitless!

As the old adage goes, content is king. And monetization of this existing content has become a key focus for many broadcasters with vast libraries of content, unlocking new revenue streams with minimal additional costs needed on their part. In doing so, they can find more platforms to showcase their creations while generating even greater returns compared to traditional broadcast methods that may only yield cents per impression in comparison.

Given all the options, what FAST channels can you create?