BroadView Cloud Now Qualified for Amazon EC2


Summary: BroadView Software suite of products are fully qualified for Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) EC2 Cloud, enabling Enterprise-Scale Implementations Worldwide. 

Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) EC2 Cloud have qualified BroadView Software’s entire suite of SAAS product offerings. This marks a milestone in the advancement of BroadView Cloud solutions that have enjoyed exceptional success since its launch at NAB 2013. the certification allows BroadView to be available for rapid deployment through any of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) global data center regions worldwide. Media organizations from the smallest startups to the largest enterprise-scale operations can enjoy the full range of BroadView’s suite of management solutions including programming, traffic and OnDemand with the simplicity, stability and scalability of AWS’ cloud-based global infrastructure.

“Having BroadView qualified for AWS meets the growing demand for cloud-based solutions for enterprise-scale operations” said Michael Atkin, President of BroadView Software. “We pioneered our ‘software-as-a-service’ offering for small media outfits and startups. Now, enterprise clients, too, are looking to outsource server side IT resources and AWS is making this a practical reality.”

Atkin added that this reflects a seachange in the IT industry. Security challenges make it increasingly difficult for vendors like BroadView to install a software solution that works seamlessly in the context of the corporate environment’s tightening IT policy. Providing updates and refreshing client installs, for example, can become an arduous task. Opting for BroadView Cloud is an elegant way to sidestep these issues.

“We have learned a great deal about the care and feeding of data centers, the critical infrastructure that drives cloud computing, since launching BroadView Cloud. AWS is the industry leader, and our clients can enjoy complete confidence in the redundant reliability AWS offers and the scalability options it provides. Wherever our clients may be physically, they’re not far from AWS servers, assuring true, high-speed, low latency connectivity,” Atkin said.

Will BroadView Cloud, powered by AWS, completely displace traditional on-premise deployments? “There will always be a place for locally hosted broadcast management systems residing on in-house servers. But expect cloud-based solutions to become increasingly dominant, especially as price points drop.  It is now an option that every media company should consider,” said Atkin.